My Story

  Hi!  Welcome to my Scentsy story.  I was introduced to Scentsy in Sept. 2009 by a dear couple of mine.   We had a small party at my Mom’s house with my sisters.  When the order came in, my son (Devon) who was 20 at the time had managed to take my Jadestone warmer with the clean breeze scent to his room and loved it.  He wanted to know if I was going to start selling candles. A couple of months went by and my hours at work had been cut back, so I needed to make extra money to fill in for the lost income.  I had to find something that would fit in my schedule as well as my husband’s work schedule without creating more childcare expense due to the fact that we still have three younger children at home.  So in November 2009 I joined Scentsy and have LOVED it.  I get to sell a great product and earn the extra money I need for my family.  My family gets to enjoy the aroma of candles (minimum of 80 scents to choose from) in our home 24 / 7.  NO flames or soot to worry about.  How GREAT is that!  One of the Best Blessings is the new FRIENDS and people that I have met at my parties and events.  I get to offer safe products and great fragrances to my customers at reasonable prices. If you would like to have a Scentsy Party or want to earn extra income please JOIN my team, I would love to work with you.  Please call me at 417-546-0770 or email at Thanks for taking the time to read my story……… Sheila Durr  <!--endbody-->